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EDM's PCB Division provides instant service for electronic application and production of printed circuit boards with the competitive costs. We design and manufacture PCB for all needs: single-sided/double sided, multilayer/ other special measures.

Printed circuit

The PCB is not just one of the electronic components; it plays an important role to improve the efficiency of the device. The features and characteristics of a printed circuit board can be summarized in the following points:

  • High technology for a smooth operation with quick response
  • Heat sink for high-power components

The constituent assembly is occurred via two techniques: THT (Through Hole Technology) and SMT (Surface Mount Technology). The first technique is the oldest and consists of the constituent assembly by welding of their terminals (called leads) on an area of ​​copper by passing the ends through the holes charged on the insulating support. The face of the components arranged is called the component side, while the other side, where the components are welded and track, is called the copper side. In surface mount technology (SMT) uses special components called SMD (Surface Mount Device) and small terminals with members of the package of the component. In the case the component is positioned so adherent to the plate and welded on the same side, the copper side may be coincided with the component side. To simplify the creation of a printed circuit board and to minimize its area, may be used at different levels of interconnection of components (both in technology that SMT and THT), so you can cross between their different slopes, but on different floors.

The EDM engineering deals with the PCB routing, hardware development (PCB production) assembly and related components

Steps of design / development

  • Formulation and prior agreement with the customer
  • Development of the printed circuit board using specific software (Orcad)
  • Development hardware (PCB)
  • Mounting Components


  • Duplicate obsolete boards
  • Circuits with single sided, double sided, multilayer
  • PCB Lighting
  • Printed circuit boards for radio and radar
  • Printed circuit boards for special applications

Please refer to the Quotation for further information.



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